MLS Game Two: NY Red Bulls vs. D.C. United

This post is a little late, but this week was actually pretty busy. Sunday 4/26 we went to our second MLS game. I really enjoy going down there and thinking about getting an eight game pack of tickets for next year. The ride is an easy hour and fifteen minutes and the seats I have are really great, midfield-ish on the isle.

The NY Red Bulls faced D.C. United. First half was dull, 1-0 DC at the end. The Red Bulls came out in the second half and scored two goals within twenty minutes, taking the lead. One was a really cool header goal off a corner kick. Unfortunately in the last two minutes of the game DC tied the game up on a stupid goal that should have never went in. The goalie just watched the ball bounce in the goal, it was truely pathetic for a professional. Now we went into three minutes of extra time due to game stoppage, and guess what, DC scored again on another lame goal, winning the game. I couldn’t believe it, it was like they didn’t even try to stop them.

Maybe the next game they will win, they aren’t so hot this year, 1-4-2 so far. Last year they were the conference champions, go figure. You can watch this game’s highlights here.

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