Meet Bud, Weis, and Er

Saturday Jamie and I went down to Petco to get some fish and frogs. During our last visit we noticed some African frogs that were in a tank with some fish. We were interested because it was odd to see frogs in with fish, mainly because we didn’t think frogs stayed in the water 100% of the time. Apparently these frogs do. The African frogs don’t grow more than 2.5 inches.

We had set up the old five gallon wish tank prior to going to the store. Just had to pick up a heater and a filter for the tank. We needed a cover as well, but they store was out of them. I had to rig a top with some leftover fiberglass mesh to replace screen windows. Essentially the same stuff without the nice plastic edge around it.

We bought three of the frogs and decided to name them Bud, Weis, and Er, after the famous three frogs from the Budweiser campaign a few years back. I know, I know, how original. Eh, whatever, I own the Budweiser frogs and you don’t

Enjoy the pictures and the video.

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