Meet Doodle

As I said in the last pet post, we have had our eye on a certain fish, a companion for Bubbles. Well this weekend Petco finally restocked their Telescope Goldfish, so we just had to get one!

Meet Doodle. Unlike Bubbles, Doodle likes to just float around the bottom, swimming here and there. Bubbles is the one that non-stop swims around the tank. I think Doodle is just getting adjusted. I was surprised how Bubbles reacted with another fish in the tank, it was as if the other wish wasn’t even there. Now they swim around together and I have no worries of coming home and finding only one fish. I caught them playing what looked like tag today which was fun to watch for a bit.

Next we plan to get a tropical fish since we need to put the smaller tank to good use. We saw this shark looking fish with a flat white bottom with whiskers like a catfish. I forget the name and can’t find a picture online so you’ll just have to wait till we get one to show you what I mean.

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