Hotel Review: Newport Beach Hotel & Suites

I wrote a review on which you can start off by reading. I left out a few things just because it was a quick blurb for other people to read. You can read that review here or below. Reivew: All around great hotel
“This hotel is literally across the street from Easton’s Beach. If you are looking to go to Newport and hit the beach, well you wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. If you were just looking to visit downtown Newport save a few bucks and stay here. It is literally 5 minutes away down one road. The room is kept neat and clean. Everything looks great with the recent renovation they just did. I can’t wait to come back and see what the new hotel is like that they just built next to it. Only downfall I could see is room size. There was only two of us in the room and one bed, but the room was small and the bed almost touched the TV stand. Also, the bathroom door just missed the bed as well. I believe we had a small room because there was only two of us. I saw many other rooms and they were a lot bigger when they had 2 beds in the room. Comfort was still excellent even with room size.”

We loved that the beach was across the street, it was so convenient.  The bed was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept in. I have lower back issues and my back did not hurt all week long because of that bed. The room was very neat and cleaned very well by the staff. The size of the room was the big issue, but it didn’t bother Jamie and I, we live together in a small room as it is with all our stuff. I can see it being a major issue for some people since there wasn’t any room between the bed and TV stand, and the door to the beautiful bathroom almost hitting the bed as well.

The staff was very helpful. I can see why some people complained about their accents since they were thick, but we had no issue understanding them. The continental breakfast wasn’t the greatest. It was all just bread, muffins, bagels, and some fruit. But hey, what do you want for free. We both recommend this hotel to anyone that wants to stay in the area. I feel the hotel is better suited for business or couples, but like I said I did see rooms much bigger and most of the rooms are actually suites with 2 bedrooms, a living room and kitchen. There are more suites than rooms, so I guess it would be great for a family if you get a whole suite. They really are only about $50-$80 more than a room.

Here are some pictures I took of the room for you to see. Jamie and I are going back in three weeks and will have an ocean view room this time, so I will have more pictures and review that room as well.

Standing in the doorway
Standing in the doorway
Standing on a chair in the corner of the room
Standing on a chair in the corner of the room

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  1. That a nice looking room. I really like the blue wall. Blue just happens to be my favorite color :-D How was the hospitality, The reason I ask is because I work for Hampton Inn and I’m always curious about how other places treat the patrons and also I wanted to tell you about our current promotion ;-D

    Hampton Inn is offering 10% of their best rate available until 9/1/08 we’re also giving away some great prizes leading up to the TEAM USA competing at the Olympic Games. Good Luck!!;jsessionid=SXEZ4FIZDCG4OCSGBJF2VCQ?it=specials,dreams&cid=om,hx,dreams,specials

    Sarah B


    Check out this funny video, called “Ballad of a Traveler”, it is hilarious. He totally sums up the travelers experience:

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