Busy week

It’s been a very busy week for me, haven’t had much time to post and further develop any of the other sites. I did notice I finally got my first comment, so at least 1 person is reading this every so often!

I just got a 40″ plasma TV for free…with one hitch; I have to repair it first. I was given all the necessary parts, but these things are like computers now. I have a box full of new circuit cards and chips that need replacing. I hope this isn’t too difficult, would be nice to have a 40″ TV for free.

Over the weekend I will be configuring a few more sites and getting them up and running. Hoping to have overstock-market.us and electronics-market.us at least configured and maybe even formatted correctly.

I added a few blog pages today. I am going to post a lot of computer/network troubleshooting tips to the Network Admin page. I will be useful for people searching google to maybe hit my blog and find the answer to some common problems I have come across in my line of work. I also have a websites page that lists all the sites I own and operate. Maybe I will get some hits off of that, and if not, at least its one place on the web that contains links to my sites.

Went a little crazy with more domain names, but it’s a hobby of mine. I bought out the rest of the personal ones that I own under the .info, .us, .org domains. Bought toy-market.us, beauty-market.us, and networkadmin.info. I am planning on turning networkadmin.info into a help forum with answers to error codes and tech questions I have dealt with in the past. Hopefully that will bring some people to the site, pretty easy name that explains it all…info for network admins…ain’t I just clever!?!? If I don’t wind up doing a forum I will look into pooling other tech help sites and just displaying their information. We’ll see how it goes, have to find some forum templates first.

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  1. Yes, I am reading. I am going to keep my eye on you. So far, you are the only person I have seen that actually reminds me of myself, so the future looks bright. I do have some important advice, so email me.

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