Pumpkin Carving

It's that time of the year again to carve some pumpkins! After our trip to Kessman Farms with Alyssa we came home and carved up our first round of pumpkins. Starting early this year to make up for not doing anything last year. This is Jess' favorite time of year and she's done a great job sprucing … Continue reading

Pumpkin Picking

Today we went pumpkin picking with Alyssa. We took a ride over to Kessman Farms out near Alyssa's house. Arianna actually liked the hay ride and running around practically touching every pumpkin or "apple" as she called them. Besides the few terrible twos screaming fits it was actually a really … Continue reading

Apple Picking

I took the day off Friday to spend some quality time with my ladies. We took a trip down to Fishkill Farms for some excellent apple picking. We went last year and Arianna seemed to love it, so we figured it would be ever better this year now that she was older. Oh boy was it fun with her this year! … Continue reading