Apr 212014

Here are some videos from our double Easter weekend! Arianna’s face in the one from our house was priceless. She was extremely excited to see her Sofia the First coloring book. Poor kid had a fever near 102 all weekend and hardly ate anything. She was a trooper though, rarely complained, danced and smiled most of the time too.

Apr 182014
2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket

Here’s my 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs bracket. I don’t know why, but I just feel like Anaheim may take it all this year. It’s tough out in the west, so anything can happen. Hate to diss on the Penguins like that, but I just feel like they aren’t strong enough to make it all the way. Still need to [...] Read Full Post

Apr 042014

Check this kid out, not even out of diapers yet and she’s all independent. Going down the slide all by herself now, what’s next? I do think this is amazing though. She hasn’t been on the slide that much before and she already figured out how to tackle it by herself. Oh and she loves to go down on her [...] Read Full Post

Mar 252014

On Monday Jess and I headed down to the city to see our annual NY Rangers game. Thankfully Alyssa watched Arianna for us so we could take the train down early and hit or normal spot for cheaper beers. NYR played the Phoenix Coyotes and wound up winning the game in overtime. So far Jess still hasn’t seen a losing [...] Read Full Post

Mar 232014
Making Some Room In The Kitchen

Since our kitchen is so small, I’ve had the idea of moving the microwave to a shelf above the sink for quite some time now. Finally got off my butt last night and went to Home Depot to get some of the pieces I needed. It was fairly simple, didn’t get fancy as this isn’t our permanent home. It’s amazing [...] Read Full Post