Father’s Day At Arianna’s School

Arianna’s school held a special Father’ Day treat for all the Dads on Thursday. We got to run around and play on the playground together, make sand castles, and then had some lunch. Arianna’s teachers had a “fun” game to play, our little ones got to give us a shave! All the kids were given giant tongue depressors and the dads were given a big handful of shaving cream. We smeared it on our face and the kids shaved it off. Thankfully I kept it under control, unlike some other kids that covered their Dads in it. Before we left Arianna gave me her Father’s Day gifts that she made. Thanks so much kiddo!

2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket

Here is my 2016 NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket. Haven’t payed enough attention to the West Coast teams this year as I normally do, so they are pretty much guesses on that side of the bracket. I believe the best match-ups for the first round are going to be the Blues vs. Blackhawks, Kings vs. Sharks, and Panthers vs. Islanders. Extremely happy with the Penguins’ end of the season, but here we are for the 3rd year in a row playing the Rangers. Of course I’m going to watch every second of this series being a Penguins fan and Jess a Rangers fan, but I’m just bored with the same teams always playing each other. I think this year the Pens will finally get past them and move on though. Love this time of the year!

2016 NHL playoff bracket

Samsung Note5 WiFi Issue With Android Marshmallow 6.0.1

I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy Note5 to Android’s new OS 6.0.1 Marshmallow. Immediately I noticed issues with WiFi network access. I tried forgetting the SSID’s, trying new ones, connecting to different access points and routers, nothing worked. After searching the internet and reading a plethora of forums, I finally found an acceptable workaround.

Turn off the Bluetooth on the Note5 and the WiFi works flawlessly.

Seems to be some fighting going on between the two because when they are both on my battery drains really fast. Thankfully I only use Bluetooth in the car, the one place I’m not connected to WiFi. It’s annoying, but at least it works for me. Samsung and Android need to fix this ASAP, highly irritating. Thanks to whoever it was that figured out the workaround. I visited so many sites I don’t even remember which one it was to give credit.