World Cup 2014 Final

Maybe I should have put some money on my World Cup 2014 bracket. So far I’m 12/14. Don’t think I have ever been that accurate on a bracket before. My NHL bracket this year was an abysmal dumpster fire. Now that the Netherlands have lost I’m going to have to say Argentina takes it this year. Glad the final is on Sunday so I can actually watch that match.

Arianna’s New Toy

Arianna woke up this morning to a new toy in the house. Thanks to MiMi and JoJo for her new kitchen set! She absolutely loves it, hasn’t stopped playing with it all morning. I’ve already had a hearty helping of biscuits and orange juice! She’s working her way up to those brownies for MiMi.¬†Our cat also loves the new toy. She sees her reflection in the oven and climbs all over it. 2-for-1 toy I guess.

World Cup 2014 Round Of 16

Glad to see all my World Cup 2014 round of 16 predictions were correct with the exception of Colombia over Uruguay. Should have seen that one coming with Mike Tyson, I mean Luis Suarez out. Didn’t feel the need to update any predictions after this week. Little iffy on Germany over France, but I’ll let it ride for now. Too bad for USMNT, but honestly with like 30 shots against you can’t expect to win, just as I didn’t really think you were. Better luck in 4 years.

World Cup 2014 Round of 16

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