Changed Web Hosts

My web hosting account was set to expire next month and I decided it was time to shop around for the best deal. I no longer maintain a fleet of e-commerce websites so I didn’t feel like paying $180 a year for a host. I chose to go with¬†as my new web host. I know a few people that use them and they have never had any issues, plus they are ranked high on any search you do for best web host. What made me move from Hostmonster was that even if I lowered down my plan it was still $7 to $9 per month for the same features as JustHost which was $3.25/month.

Hopefully not too many people caught the slight downtime as the name servers replicated and the domain transferred over to GoDaddy. The site is up and fully functioning on JustHost and working great! I was worried about performance since I no longer have a dedicated server, but I haven’t seen any issues yet. Feel free to let me know if you have any issues since the changeover, or any questions on picking a web host.