Potluck Dinner #2

Tonight was the second potluck dinner, category was finger foods. I’de say this was another hit and now we’re definitely going to keep doing these. It’s always fun when everyone gets together.

For this dinner I decided to make some chicken wings with the same sauce I made for the ribs last time since everyone liked the sauce. These were a lot quicker and easier to do, just cook them for about 30 minutes then add sauce and cook for another 15 minutes.

Now to be annoying like I always strive to do, on Marie’s Evite I demanded a cake since my birthday is Monday. Well of course Eric and Marie made me a cake, but I wasn’t expecting one as cool as this one!!

Now I just think this is awesome, I mean they had to hand carve the penguin out and then dye the crap out of the icing to get it black. The effort alone was really nice in itself. Good icing job too, I suck at icing cakes.

Needless to say the cake was delicious, even if all the food coloring stained your tongue, mouth, fingers, etc for a few days! =P

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